uMobix 1.0.6 Crack Free Download For Android- Premium4pc

uMobix 1.0.6 Crack Free Download For Android- Premium4pc

uMobix Crack Free Download For Activation Key

uMobix 1.0.6 Crack Free Download For Android- Premium4pc

A tablet and smartphone app called uMobix Crack For Activation Code is made for parents who want to keep an eye on their children under the age of eighteen. The buyer of the uMobix parental control program must either own the smartphone or tablet, or they must get signed consent from their kids. For parents who want to keep an eye on their children under the age of 18, uMobix is software for smartphones and tablets. The smartphone or tablet that the customer of the uMobix Crack For Keygen parental control software purchases must either own or have written approval from, their children.

uMobix Crack For Torrent is a full-featured Software as a Service (SaaS) parental control program made to assist parents and guardians in keeping an eye on and controlling their kids’ internet activity on personal computers. To safeguard kids’ well-being and safety in the digital age, it has several characteristics. In the digital age, a lot of things are made to ensure kids’ security and welfare.

uMobix Crack Free Download For Serial key

Generally speaking, uMobix Crack For Serial Number is safe to use for tracking kids as intended. However, uMobix gives spies access to virtually all of the activity on your mobile device. This is risky since it puts you and your contacts at risk for identity theft, location tracking, data theft, and unsettling privacy violations.

uMobix Crack For License Key does not market its app to employers or people looking to monitor other adults surreptitiously. A legal notice from the UK is posted on the website, stating that parents need to own the targeted device or have the child’s written consent. Keep an eye on over 40 well-known applications and social media sites. Parents may effortlessly spy on text or WhatsApp messages or use GPS location tracking to find out where their children are with the help of the uMobix phone tracker software for Windows PCs.

uMobix 1.0.6 Crack Free Download For Android- Premium4pc

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Phone Calls: See every call that comes in and goes out. Obtain caller details, duration, and timestamps.

Messages: Observe every SMS that is sent, received, or deleted. Obtain contact details and timestamps.

Communicators & Social: Check and view messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, the TikTok Spy app, and other platforms.

Images & Videos: Obtain every media file kept on the intended device. If necessary, save files locally.

GPS coordinates: Obtain the user’s precise position in real time and their history of visited locations.

Keylogger: Record every character entered by the user, including passwords and keystrokes.

Five minutes to prepare: It can take up to five minutes to install the app, which is a simple process. You don’t need to be tech knowledgeable to begin utilizing the program.

Updates in real time: Every five minutes, data reports are automatically updated.

Harmony: It is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running Android OS 4+. Entering the model of your device in this section will allow you to see if it is compatible.

Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring: It enables parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activities, program usage, and keyboard strokes all in real-time while using a PC.

Web History Tracking: It offers a thorough log of all the websites seen, including with timestamps and visit frequency.

Application Usage: To help them spot any incorrect or excessive software usage, parents can view the applications and programs their children are using, along with how long they are using them.

Keylogger: This function records keystrokes, which is helpful for keeping an eye on sensitive or potentially damaging information as well as chat chats and search searches.

Social Media Monitoring: It enables parents to spot any cyberbullying or inappropriate interactions by tracking social media activity on well-known sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

GPS Location Tracking: It can use GPS data to track the child’s physical location, giving parents peace of mind about their whereabouts.

Geofencing notifications: As an extra measure of protection, parents may set up geofences and get notifications when their children enter or leave particular areas.

Remote Control: This feature enables parents to prevent their child from being exposed to potentially hazardous content by remotely blocking or restricting specific apps or websites.

Alerts and Notifications: To keep tabs on their child’s online activity, parents can set up the software to give them notifications for particular keywords, activities, or locations.

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  • extensive features for monitoring.
  • updates and alerts in real time.
  • user-friendly user interface.
  • operation in stealth mode.
  • GPS tracking for added safety.
  • Simple and fast installation.
  • responsible assistance.


  • Pricing depends on subscription.
  • It might not be appropriate to supervise teenagers or older kids who need greater independence.

Set up and Installing

Regarding Android

Sign up
Select the subscription package that you want. After completing the transaction, you will get more instructions.

Set up
Install the app on your child’s device by following the directions found in your user account.

Keep an eye on
Visit your account and hold off till we begin data transmission. Have fun with your tracking!

How to Install uMobix?

  • Access your dashboard by logging in.
  • Choose the function that you wish to use by navigating through the available options.
  • See statistics, reports, and alerts in real time on what your child is doing online.
  • As required, adjust the limitations and settings.
  • The user-friendly design and extensive user manuals facilitate parents’ efficient utilization of all the capabilities.


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